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Koia is a plant-based meal replacement drink that packs nutrients to keep you going throughout the day, without breaking the calorie bank. Seen in hands the likes of Ariana Grande and Charlie Puth, Koia has caught the national spotlight, and secured national distribution in Target, Walmart, and Whole Foods, among others.

Recently, Koia introduced a Keto-friendly line of dessert-flavored meal replacement drinks to the market, with the intention of capitalizing on the ever-growing popularity of the ketogenic diet. Desiring to grow their Keto-friendly line’s popularity amongst the keto community, Koia reached out to Cleverman, Inc.






Coupon Redemptions

In one month’s time with posts from only 36 influencers, Cleverman, Inc. was able to get 242 ketogenic people to redeem a coupon for a free bottle of Koia at their local grocery stores.